Sunday, 21 October 2012


I Don't Know What this is. It was in my Notebook. Don't Judge. 

 I feel like I'm fading away and no-one is noticing because they're just fading away too, only at different angles so in certain light we all look alive.  

Yeah that's it. If I do anything better I'll put it up. 

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Books read and films watched in September

So, I stared doing this idea/format in my vlogs ( if you're interested). But then it became clear that people didn't really care, so I decided I'd write down my reviews here.


The Bloody Camber- Angela Carter 

This is a collection of sort stories, re-tellings of familiar fairy tales for the most part (although, as far as I'm aware, the title story is completely original) and the key difference is the way they are presented. There is a change in tone, these once innocent stories now have sexual overtones. The other key difference is the women; they can fend for themselves. Mothers, Grandmothers, Daughters, they all have their moments, and, indeed, it's the men who are now victims and powerless pawns. However, if I've made this seem like an overtly man-hating book, it's not- I didn't realise that Carter's point of view was a feminist one until long after I'd finished reading- maybe this shows how time has passed, and Carter is no longer radical, or maybe it just shows how the feminist ideas don't dominate the plot- the stories are gripping and vivid (even when one of them is just a page long).

Neuromancer- William Gibson

The sci-fi book that predicted the internet, long before it happened, and coined words like "cyberspace". If you want to know what The Matrix would be if it was a novel- look no further. Seriously gripping, fast-paced, and with actual characters you care about (even the computer systems have personality), this is a great book. Or maybe I'm just saying that because Gibson is Canadian...

The Black Dahlia- James Ellroy

Skip the first 50-100 pages (which are solely about boxing), and you have a gripping story. A fictionalised account of a real, horrific, murder, this isn't a happy book. It does have a vivid cast of characters, a twisting plot, and something like a love hexagon with a dead girl in the middle. Yeah, weird.


The Villiage

Ok, really? My friend lent me this in effort to make me dislike Sigourney Weaver. It didn't work, but the film is crap. The twist is so utterly ridiculous, and the story follows so many conventions, I don't even wanna talk about it. Except i just did.


Yeah, it's kinda embarrassing (for me, anyway) that I'd never seen this before, since I'm a big Hitchcock fan; Rear Window, North by Northwest, and Vertigo are some of my favourite films. And Psycho is up there too, it's just that it never felt original to me. Which is stupid, because it is the Original attractive-girl-in-peril-from-serial-killer movie, and it's done very well. Perkins is great as Norman Bates (hey, it rhymes!). I feel like I should have watched it earlier.

The Sting

I should have liked this more than I did. Don't get me wrong, it's a good movie, just too slow paced for me. And I was promised more Paul Newman than there was. But it's well acted, well plotted, and just not for me.

Dirty Harry

This film got in trouble for being "fascist"when it first came out, which is pretty funny, since there are waaaaay more right wing than it (ahem, Taken: KILL ALL THE IMMIGRANTS). It's just a bit of laugh, really, a very violent laugh. And "did I shoot five or six" is a great line. If you're planning a movie night, this would be a good film.

Apocalypse Now

Again, there is no good reason for me not having seen this sooner (maybe it's because my Dad always wanted me to watch war films when I was a kid). This is great, and there are so many iconic moments it's hard to choose a best moment. Scary, funny, and tragic at the time. Also, extra points for the Harrison Ford cameo. However, if you've never seen it before, make sure you the normal version, and not the "Redux" one. Seriously, don't do it, unless you're really, really, interested in French rubber plantations.

So concludes the films and books from september. (that's kind of a lie actually, I also read China Inc. but didn't want to review it in much detail, since it's now so dated as a non-fiction book, and I watched The Girl who Played with Fire, but just watch the Swedish Girl with the Dragon Tattoo first, alright? 



Wednesday, 3 October 2012

26 song lyrics

I keep a diary, and every week I write down a lyric from a song that has been on repeat during that time. So, I'd thought I could share the first 26 from 2012. Enjoy!

Bluejays and cardinals all come out to play,
Daisies on the hillside like cancer on the skin,
I sit transfixed by a hole in your t-shirt,
I come from Chino, so all your threats are empty,
I'm leaving cos you don't feel what you're dreaming of,
Oh, look about, all the stars are coming out,
Thank God for small favours in high doses,
With a name by which I'd never call you,
Am I a man, or am I a Muppet?
Your skin's so fair, it's not fair,
Don't tell me your name, if you don't want it sung,
Fuck it, where's my shit? Oh my God, I'm mad at it,
Summer is ready, when you are,
A tiger's never gonna change it's stripes, I guess,
I am from Salinas, where the women go forever,
Power doesn't care what you need, as long as you're on your knees,
My feelings never change a bit, I always feel like shit,
Sleeping is giving in, no matter what the time is,
Fuck your Mitsubishi, I've a horse outside,
Rosenrot oh rosenrot,
You can get it if you really want, but you must try and try, try and try,
A cracked smile and a silent shout,
We grew up at midnight,
Who is an honest man?
A seven nation army couldn't hold me back,

 It's quite weird, because they all remind exactly of what was going on at that time. Also, there are actually 27, because the 1st of January was a Sunday. Finally, LOOK AT THE GODDAMN RANGE. From Swedish dance, to children's film soundtracks, to German industrial metal, to an Irish comedy song.