Saturday, 9 March 2013

Books/Films in February


Antigone by Sophocles: Yeah, read this for classics. It's not even the best play I read this month. All the characters annoy the fuck out of you and then die. Much fun. 
Half Blood Blues by Esi Edugyan: A good book about a niche subject- the jazz scene in Berlin as WW2 broke out. I don't think the whole flashback POV didn't work for me, but hey. It was pretty awesome. 
Dead Aid by Dambisa Moyo: Read this for geography really, works on theory that large amounts of aid = dependency on aid. True story. While I agree, I don't think Moyo's idea of withdrawing all aid is a good idea- it would be better to restructure the aid that is given, so that it is given to the people who need it, rather than to governments (although I agree that investment in Countries is more important than aid. 
The forever war by Joe Hallderman: Badass sci-fi book. There's a reason it was number one in the sci-fi masterworks series. It is both exciting (there's a lot of explosions) and raises actual important issues e.g. what is the point of war? Why do we fight for a society no-one particularly enjoys? 
Love is a mixtape by Rob Sheffield: Like, oh my god, it's me in the future! (Hopefully my wife won't suddenly die, though) this is a true story of one guy and his tapes, and what the songs on these tape mean to him. It's pretty awesome. 
The Man who was Thursday by G.K Chesterton: This book was really weird and philosophical and cool and I still don't think I understand it. It's a pretty interesting meta-physical thiller, so if that sounds good, read it. 
Medea by Euripides: Bitches be crazy. She kills her own children to get back at her dickhead husband. Standard. And definitely better than Sophocles on the Greek Tragedy scale. 


Dogville: This film is pretty awesome, but it is also really long and will make you hate humanity (but restored my faith in Pasha's film taste)- also it made me actually like Nicole Kidman. So yeah, it's good. 
Top Gun: I hate to say this, because I know a lot of people really love this film, but it's crap. It's not even exciting. I'm sorry. 
Heathers: THIS IS AMAZING. It's like a violent mean girls- the main characters go on a darkly hilarious killing spree. The line "oh, fuck me gently with a chainsaw" in the first ten minutes. Winona Ryder is so fit. Christian Slater is so fit. And even better: THEY CAN ACTUALLY ACT! "Dear diary, my teen angst bullshit now has a bodycount." WATCH IT. 
Rampart: A film about a corrupt cop, which isn't very good, but it's certainly better than the 5.9 out of 10 on IMDB, I don't even know how that happened. It's more of a seven, though I probably wouldn't recommend it. 
 Zero Dark Thirty: I actually really liked this (though I still think point break is my favourite Bigelow movie, hands down). Jessica Chastain gives an awesome performance, and the script is excellent.  

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