Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Books/Films in March


Divergent by Veronica Roth
My sister recommended this book, and surprisingly, it wasn't half bad. It requires a suspension of disbelief, however, as do most dystopian novels, and it's got nothing on the hunger games, but hey. In the future ravaged Chicago of the book, people are forced to chose one of 5 societies, whose rules you have to live by. It's a pretty weak premise, and it's not brilliantly written, but boy, does this woman know how to increase tension so much that you will need to read the sequel. 
Insurgent by Veronica Roth
Hence this book's presence on the list. Again, the tension peaks perfectly at the end, and the third (and motherfucking final) part of the series isn't published until the end of this year, which I'm actually kinda upset about. 
Hippolytus by Euripides 
AKA the last greek tragedy I have to read! Rejoice! Although I actually like them. So there. This is the most ridiculous of all the plays- and the others feature dragon wagons and eye-gouging, but this has two petty goddesses and a giant sea bull, so it wins on the weirdness scale at least. 
Brave New World by Aldous Huxley 
I actually really enjoyed this. Aside from me getting to feel better than you for actually having a read a classic, it was really well written, plotted, and pulled off the trick of making all the characters dickheads, but still making you care about them. Goddamit Huxley!
Post Office by Charles Bukowski
this book was nang. It's the story of this don (basically Bukowski in disguise) who has terrible jobs, has terrible sex, and has terrible hangovers. It's really not as depressing as I've just made it sound, due the badass dark humour running through it. Seriously, I'll never look at geraniums the same way. 


The Skin I Live in 
This was a really great film. It had a lot of stuff I like in it- creepy characters (seriously creepy), a twist, and a director that I rate (my babes Almodovar). I can't say too much about the plot, because that would kinda ruin it for you. But if you don't like subtitles, then you can leave, cos this is in Spanish. 
The Kid with a Bike
AKA pretentious Belgian film. That's how pretentious it is, it's from fucking Belgium. Nothing other than chocolate and needless dead bodies from ww1 is from Belgium. It's quite good, but if the idea of a French language film about poor people doesn't interest you, then sure, there's no glamour there. 
True Romance
 I LOVE THIS FILM. Like, genuinely love it. It was written by Tarantino and stars Christian Slater, with a cameo from Gary Oldman that is the most ridiculous thing I've seen. Do I actually have to say more to make you watch it? Good.
How the FUCK this won best picture I don't know. It's entertaining, sure, but so is Easy A, and I don't remember that winning any oscars... It's not even vaguely accurate in terms of plot, and American actions were the reason Americans were stuck in Iran anyway, but let's not mention that. U-S-A, U-S-A!!! Lol jk, but that pissed me off a bit. It's not like I hated it, and I might just casually drop "argo fuck yourself" in conversation every now and again.
I'm not entirely sure why I watched all of this. The entire premise is just incorrect- that we only use 11% of our brains or whatever. In which case, why are head injuries so dangerous? Why is a brain tumor one of the most dangerous things to have? Pls, hollywood, pls author of original book, try harder. Don't bother watching this, it might even be good, but I spent the entire time thinking about the basis of the film being SO FUCKING WRONG. 
Ok, this is gonna make me sound really weird, but I'm really intrigued by the Zodiac killings in and around San Francisco  so this was the perfect film for me! Well, not exactly, I'm not the biggest fan of Mark Ruffalo. But from an impartial point of view, this is a good film, well directed (take a bow David Fincher), so yeah, tis good. 
 The Angel's Share   
Ok, this is a left-wing film about whisky making/stealing in Scotland. This is the perfect film for me!  I really, really enjoyed it, obviously. They steal the best whisky in the world by filling Irn Bru bottles with it. It what way could this not be the best thing ever? I've just made it sound really patronising, which it surprisingly isn't. It's all good. 
This is a film about code breakers in Bletchley Park during WW2, and while I am veryveryvery happy that there is a film about breaking the enigma code (FUCK YEAH, THE DEVELOPMENT OF MODERN COMPUTERS) I'd have appreciated it more if wasn't about a rather boring love quadrangle and more about science/beating the nazis. Jus' sayin'.