Saturday, 13 July 2013

High Expectations

Some people say that films or television have given them overly high expectations of people. But surely music is the ultimate example of this. It leads to expect that everyone is as torn up and soulful and expressive as the great composers, that everyone is as passionate as punk vocalists, as intense as speed metal guitarists, as joyous as the choruses of the best pop songs. The list could go on. 

But surely, as I've previously stated, music is a shared experience. There's something intrinsically relatable about the music we listen to. Who's to say we aren't all as torn-up, soulful, expressive, passionate, intense, and joyous as the musicians who have set our expectations 'too high'? I'll keep believing in the average joe until he tells me not to.

On the other hand, the lower you set your expectations, the less likely you are to be disappointed. There's always that.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

26 song lyrics (part 1 for 2013)

So basics, I write a song lyric per week in my diary, usually from the song I've listened to most that week. As we're now halfway through 2013 (where does the time go etc. etc.) I thought I'd continue last year's tradition and post them here.

Bitch the end of your life is near,
We built this city on rock n roll,
Fuck your romance I wanna pretend that Jenny Lee Lindberg is my girlfriend,
I got you babe, (babe) (babe)
Diamonds are a girl's best friends,
I'm a man of means by no means,
Well I feel, I feel alive,
She's an indie rocker and nothing's gonna stop her,
He was a skater boy, she said to you later boy,
I'm a survivor, keep on surviving,
Everything is A-O-K cos I'm as strong as an O-A-K,
I am a shaky ladder, intergalactic matter,
She is the dancing queen,
In 5 years time we might not speak,
You've done too much, much too young
It's a long road up to recovery from here,
We were born to be alone, everybody all alone,
Get up and get down and get outside,
She makes me feel like I could see for miles,
I'm walking on sunshine,
It's the circle of life and it moves us all,
I'm on my way down out of the woods,
I crashed my car into the bridge, I don't care,
Let's spend the night together now I need you more than ever,
If you're so special, why aren't you dead?
Pass me a glass and a half-smoked cigarette, I've damn near got no dignity left.

It's odd how these few words evoke the week/day they were written about. The power of music mate.